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Delmar’s Idol…

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Delmar’s going to the moon…

You never know what Delmar’s going to do next. He’s a crafty little fellow and if I told you his latest trick, you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

So I’ll go ahead and tell you… Delmar signed up to have his name flown to the moon. He’s always searching on the internet for weird and interesting things and I feel he hit this one right on!

You can visit NASA’s Web Site and sign up to have your name flown to the moon aboard the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) spacecraft.

The deadline is June 27th, 2008. LRO is scheduled to launch in late 2008.

Don’t tell Delmar, but he thinks he is going for real! I don’t feel like breaking his little pug heart just quite yet.

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Dad took away my blog, so…

Delmar demands corndogs. A message from da pug.

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We have two doggies. Taz the Chihuahuas and Delmar da Pug. I must admit you will probably be seeing a lot of Delmar. How can you not love that face? Delmar is your typical “mans-best-friend”. When leaving in the morning, he sits at the top of the stairs watching us close the basement door, as if to wish us a safe return. As soon as he hears the garage door opening in the evening, he hurries down the basement stairs, missing a few stairs every once in a while, and sitting at the door, wanting to lick you all over the face when you come home. He loves doing whatever you are doing, as long as he can sit in your lap. Ohh yeah… Delmar can talk. He mostly asks for corndogs and walks, and he really gets upset when his mom is gone.

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