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No MOre Trash weekend

Today was our first No MOre Trash pickup day. Doing something like this makes you more ‘trash-wise’, as D found out; that just because the bottle says Pepsi on it,… doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s in the bottle! Pepsi is usually darker and not the pee color as shown in his photograph above! I won’t tell you if he actually smelled it or not to be certain! He was also the lucky finder of a dollar bill. We (M, D, A, D, J, E) picked up mostly beer cans and plastic bottles. It took us around 3 hours to clean a 2 mile stretch. That included 16 trash bags, 2 buckets, and a street sign in our inventory for the day. We ended up by Kaity’s Pizza, and the owner asked us what we were doing, and we explained. He was very gracious and ended up giving us our lunch for free! That was great, and I think the kids got a better feeling for why we were volunteering our time and what it means to volunteer!

We spent the rest of the evening over at D’s mom’s house. Her Grandma was in town from Marble Falls, TX. It was good to see them. I met them for the first time last year when I had a conference in San Antonio. D and I both went, and were able to spend a day with them. Tom is married to her Grandma, and he is retired and works for a ranch. Her Grandma is a postal delivery driver.

Now, I’m about ready to collapse! It was a great weekend; but I’m darn tired! Till next time.

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No MO Trash!

We drove down Route J today and saw our sign that was installed this past Wednesday. We can start our trash pickup parties now!!! YEHA! D & E actually seemed to be a little excited about the idea. I think they are hoping that they can play underneath the bridge! We have two miles of Route J, where it starts in Peculiar at 71 HWY and goes north on J for 2 miles. Hopefully we can start the week after next. Stay Tuned. I’ll post this pics of this awesome event!

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