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My 84 days of Summer

84days2So this is it.  I have 84 days.  This puts it at August 25th.  Hopefully in 84 days I will not only become one year older, I’ll Have lived 4 decades.   And today is the start that hopefully I will have changed a major part of my recent lifestyle.  A lifestyle change that will allow me to be around hopefully another 40.  I have been going downhill fast and I’m definitely feeling the effects of my unhealthy lifestyle.  Having diabetes as well as all the other 5 other risk factors for heart disease doesn’t give me a fair advantage.  Why 84?  Well the way I see it, if I can meet my modest goal within the 3 months, I know I can meet my overall goal for the rest of the year.  I’ve realized that the only thing I don’t have control of is my age (or so they say, BRING ON #40!), so……here goes nothing God willing.  Wish me luck.

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Have ya ever wondered why God chose Chapter One to begin the way it did? God could have announced Jesus’s birth to humanity by pulling out all the stops, fireworks and all. That would surly have been a magnificent sight and sound, with Angels harking, and dancers dancing and possibly even Ryan Seacrest counting down the seconds!! But he didn’t. God chose the shepherds. Surly they smelled and were a little dirty and ragged. Definitely wasn’t announced in a Blaze of Glory.

But consider this. Jesus came in order to lay his life down for each and every one of us in this world; all in the fashion of a truly good shepherd. Just as the shepherds would have laid their life down for their flock. So maybe an angelic visitation to shepherds in Bethlehem – men who understood feeding and guiding and saving – was the best way for Chapter One to begin!

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Smack dab in the middle of the good ol’ USA…

There’s an old two story farmhouse right off Madison on 58 highway here in Raymore.  I took my walk past this farmhouse this evening.  I happened to look East and the view made me stop.    From the sidewalk in front of the farmhouse you can look East across the highway and you can literally see for miles.  The second story window of this old farmhouse faces East, and from that window you can see even farther!  (I know as my mom uses this farmhouse as her vintage shop).  I’m not sure but I think I would be safe to say that this is one of the higher elevations in the area.  The view is quite pretty, and you see nothing but trees and tree tops as far off as the horizon may be.  I sometimes wonder what it looked like out that window 100 years ago and I wonder what the people of the day thought about that view back then.  Somehow though in my moment of pause I started to reflect on the events of 9/11.

Specifically I started growing dumbfounded that anyone in this world would die for the chance to harm any of the great people of this nation.  I realized that I’ve been in my own little world for too long.  I’m smack dab in the middle of the  greatest Nation on Earth, looking over the great land as far as the eye can see.  There is no hate in my view, only peace.  But I realized that I’ve been sheltered from so much and I can’t comprehend the hate so many others  have against our Nation.  I can’t put myself in the deployed soldiers shoes.  I don’t realize how much blood has been shed to give me the right and/or the ability just to walk down my sidewalk without fear of being attacked or worse.  I do too often take for granted what I’ve been given and know that my freedom  definitely does not come easy or at no cost.  Yet it’s totally incomprehensible to me.  My view of the miles of treetops shields me from the hate that is really so close to home.  I won’t say that I haven’t realized the cost for our freedom, but this view in front of me, the miles of beautiful land, definitely put it all in a new perspective for me.

Twilight had just arrived as I was pondering my view.  The soft glowing light from the sky cast from the sun just below the horizon opposite of my view.  It just seemed like a great time to reflect on the recent events of our Nation and to pray and give thanks to all those that have served, past and present, for our great Nation.  God grant safety to those that serve, and keep there families at peace while protecting all of this Great Nation!

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People should spend a little less time …

…and a little more time…

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So here we are again…

I’m in a state of pause.  I’ve been here before.  A month or two between posts and so much has gone unwritten.  I fast forward to now and I’m adding ‘Celtic genre’ to my Pandora account, looking up pictures of leprechauns, and wondering if they can bite.

I never meant for my leprechaun to escape.  I’m now wondering if he might bite?  I have several small dogs and younger kids to look after and the last think I need is a peeved off little green leprechaun running around tormenting the little ones.

The boys are off this week for spring break and next weekend we are going to take Friday off and hopefully go miniature golfing with the boys.  Then on Saturday, the day of St. Patty, we are going to host a little BBQ for the family.

It isn’t exactly describable,… that being how I feel.  I can only say that days go slow and my mind is not same.  I try to ignore it and sometimes it helps, but in other ways it makes it worse.

Tonight I try again.  I’ve told myself this for the last 36 weeks, and it’s really getting tiring.  Not sure why it would change now.  I’ve asked God for plenty of help.

It’s been raining today.  I love the rain and it’s been one of those slow and steady types!  This afternoon while driving back from the store, I looked off into a wooded low area, and the mist and steam were building a nice white haze.  Spring is so close.  I think we had our last fire of this winter this evening.  We shall see!


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How many posts start with, “Don’t you just wish?”

But don’t you just wish that someway somehow we have just a sliver of control of the outcome of our own life?  That even though God is in control, that maybe, just maybe, that certain something happens that can control the falling dominos due in part to something you did, wished, or prayed?  ‘Life’ can definitely throw some curve balls once in a while, and when it does it’s so weird how it “puts you back in place”, almost as if it’s a medicinal humbling pill.  I’ve experienced it way too many times.  I call it’s God’s test of perseverance.  Others call it life.  But regardless it feels the same for both.  Humbling, contrite, and sorrow for the soul.

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Tales of the Inanimates, Part II

I listened to a really interesting podcast last night that brought back memories of a previous post I did a few years back, “Tales of the Inanimates“.  In short it proposes the same idea I was trying to convey in my blog, but does it with much more clarity.  I’m the type of person that loves to hear a personal story.  I like to believe that everything man-made has a story, a history, a thing about it that no one else can experience in quite the same way as another.

Think about it………….

…. think of how many inanimates you touch each day that have some story behind them.  Maybe it’s the doorknob in the old courthouse hall, or the hardwood desk you are sitting at now, or possibly the sidewalk in the old part of town.  Each of of these items was touched by a person.  A man or woman, that is still living or not.  A person who had thoughts and feelings and was experiencing ‘life’ while making or doing whatever.

The fact of the matter is……

Every single thing, every joint, weld, every curve, fabric, or item in life has a story to tell.  As people of histories past were fabricating the wrought iron fence, as they were doing so, they left behind the story of their time.  That story is embedded forever more in the inanimates that they create and forge.  Any so many people after them have placed their hands on that fence. that doorknob, have walked the trail laid long ago…. without a single thought as to who it was behind that item.  Almost as if taking it for granted.

It’s almost as if I’m trying to make the reader feel guilty here, though definitely not my point.  If anything, just try to think about an item you touched today and wonder who it was and what their life story might be.  There is a person behind every single man-made thing, and it’s interesting to me that they all have their own story and idea of life and being.

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“That’s not right…”

“…you should have fun with life!” 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First and foremost… MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!  Ohh man ohh man.  Am I ever bad at this blogging thing.  I used to be better, but I’ll blame it on my… health this time.  First off I’m just going to ramble to get it all out and then go back and reiterate if necessary.  I had an awesome vacation so far.  It started off on Thursday November 15th, with my dad’s birthday party at the 75th street brewery that evening.  It was great to be with all the family and eat a hearty meal.  The cake was awesome and I think Dad really enjoyed his 60th party, especially since he has been a little immobilized.  He hasn’t had the best of luck this past month, but he is taking it in stride and doing really well.  He still continues to be an example setter for me.  I’m so way far behind!  :-(  We followed it up through the weekend with Dana’s birthday.  Daffodil is her new little friend, or should I say child of the family.  We brought her home the week before Christmas, and she is surely a cutie!

I myself (I think Mrs. Willette taught me that you don’t put those two words together) wasn’t able to escape a vacation without injury.  Although not as bad as my dad’s, I can’t remember a time that I’ve been in worse pain.  Seems that through some sort of doing by myself, I upset one of my upper spinal discs and cause a nerve to pinch.  For me, pinch is an understatement.  It caused my neck to bend toward my shoulder, basically laying on my shoulder for some time.  The muscles in my upper arm spasmed, and now after 2 weeks of PT, I’m feeling just a tad bit better.  The pain isn’t as sharp, but I think through all the workings I’ve gone through, my muscles are sore and tired.  They hope to have me all better by the end of January!  JANUARY?!?!?  Arghhh…

And to add insult to injury, I think with my disability, I let the festivities of Christmas get a little out of hand, and drowned my sorrows in food and drink!  Ohh what a wonderful Christmas Eve at Grandmas, and followed that up with a beautiful and warm Christmas Day at moms!!!  I so love a good holiday with family.  But between my injury, food, and drink, and stupid personal issue, my sugars and blood pressure took a turn for the worse.  My sugars are settling down a bit, but it’s my BP I’m really worried about right now.  Dr. Winegarner is going to be upset with me :-(  BUT… again, I must say that I can’t complain.  My moms long time friends husband had a stroke the week before Christmas.  Even before this came on, he is set to retire from being a Surgeon this coming Wednesday.  They attribute the stoke to nothing more than high BP.  It must have been some time since he had his BP checked, so anyone else that might be reading, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your BP checked and if it’s high, simple meds can make the difference!  I understand he is back home now and recuperating.

~ So easy for what God may give, for God to take away ~

Dana took the week before Christmas off (it fell on a Sunday this year), and she only works 3 days this week (Tue – Wed).  We are off Mon and Friday of this week.  I’m really looking forward to a great New Year and some resolutions to really take hold.  I pray for ALL of my family and friends, close and far for their safety and happiness for the New Year!

Looking back, it was a rough year for a lot of people.  I think I can say that most everyone that ventures to read this post came out ok for the most part, and for that you have a lot to be thankful for.  There are definitely a lot of people that turned out worse than I, in the blink of an eye, lost their homes, family, friends, and jobs.  There are some that I know that are just scraping bye, but still see the good in life.  Some I’m sure are in a perpetual numbness, not knowing what to do or how to feel.  I pray for everyone that they find their peace and comfort within their life, even if that life is less than perfect.  I’m not the best person when it comes to advice or help, but I’d like to offer anyone that needs an ear to send me a note… and I’d be eager to listen and offer my perspective; or… just listen.  I myself (sorry Mrs. W) feel that I’ve come close to seeing it all throughout the years, and I really do try to put myself in others shoes sometimes.

I’ve spent most of this week (when I’m not doing my PT exercises for my neck) reminiscing about all the people I’ve met and can remember during my life so far.  It’s weird but when you do that, you can conjure up some folks that you never once thought you would ever remember in life.  I start in preschool at Alpha Montessori, Red Bridge Elementary,  (I talked to Mrs. Comstock this past year in an email!), Center Jr. High, and High school, Cass Midway High (lots of good memories here), Longview CC, all the 20 + different jobs I’ve held and local cities I’ve been both Kansas and Missouri, and many of the different cities throughout all the states I’ve been to during my travels.  I’ve met a LOT of people!  A LOT OF WONDERFUL people!!!   It’s so weird how some of the stuff from way back can just seem like it happened yesterday.  There are a lot of friends on FB that I wish I kept better tabs with but I’m just glad to be reconnected even if it is through FB for right now.

I keep a high head, and thank the Lord for all he has given me.  I have a good home that keeps me safe with a beautiful wife and children and with beautiful family from both sides.  I have 3 great dogs and if all that isn’t enough then I don’t quite know what is.

Again, Merry Christmas my friends and Happy New Year to All!!!!

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