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When it’s this hot, I like to…

I don’t think there is ever a time that I don’t think about something.  Ha!  Stupid sounding?!?  Pretty much so, I’d say.  I wish I’d write it down more than I do, but… this will have to do donkey, this will have to do.

And all those around me know it without me saying it.  It’s dang hot outside.  We took a quick family camping trip down at the Lake of the Ozarks this week.  Stayed pretty much one night, and packed it up late Thursday night to come back to some cool air conditioned house.  D took the kids to Schlitterbahn>?< today, which made up a ‘little’ bit for not staying camping the whole weekend.

It’s hot.  Dang hot.  It’s so hot, that just looking outside makes you feel hot.  I suppose there are more than not who like and enjoy this weather and so be it.  It appears that we are going to have a little cool front come through soon, so that will be nice for me.  Looking forward to that very much.

I heard a word today that caught my cognitive deep cell internal memory slots.   The word shall be,… FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION.  Basically it means nothing, worthless, insignificant, and without value. So be this post.

And last but not least, a word worth a few mentions.  The WORD that God gave us, is all around us forever and for.  People hurt, steal, lie, blame, and sometimes kill.  Seems like more-so than not these days.  A quick mention of a sideline thought.  I’ve heard that it’s believed that people are generally good people.  Meaning as a collective of us all on this rock, we are good.  Do you believe that?  I’d like to believe that I’m a good person but I have this inner taunt tug that tells me otherwise.  As if there is some truth to being told I’m a hypocritical floccinaucinihilipilification of a person.  :-)  Back to the main line.  Remember that through all the mess and crap that people do, we have one thing that has never changed, and never will.  Take a walk with Him someday, and you will become friends forever.  He’s always there, always listening, and always loving.  That’s sure reassuring.

Stay hot and thirsty my friends.

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So here we are again…

I’m in a state of pause.  I’ve been here before.  A month or two between posts and so much has gone unwritten.  I fast forward to now and I’m adding ‘Celtic genre’ to my Pandora account, looking up pictures of leprechauns, and wondering if they can bite.

I never meant for my leprechaun to escape.  I’m now wondering if he might bite?  I have several small dogs and younger kids to look after and the last think I need is a peeved off little green leprechaun running around tormenting the little ones.

The boys are off this week for spring break and next weekend we are going to take Friday off and hopefully go miniature golfing with the boys.  Then on Saturday, the day of St. Patty, we are going to host a little BBQ for the family.

It isn’t exactly describable,… that being how I feel.  I can only say that days go slow and my mind is not same.  I try to ignore it and sometimes it helps, but in other ways it makes it worse.

Tonight I try again.  I’ve told myself this for the last 36 weeks, and it’s really getting tiring.  Not sure why it would change now.  I’ve asked God for plenty of help.

It’s been raining today.  I love the rain and it’s been one of those slow and steady types!  This afternoon while driving back from the store, I looked off into a wooded low area, and the mist and steam were building a nice white haze.  Spring is so close.  I think we had our last fire of this winter this evening.  We shall see!


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Cool Weather Summers

Sunday, September 6th at 9:30AM – I love this weather. This is from Hawk Ridge Park, at the North end of the lake, looking North. Here is a picture of the Lake, looking South. I’m really not ready for this week to begin. Right now, it’s Monday evening, Labor Day. I hope the week goes very quickly.

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Happy Tornado, errr… Mothers Day…

It’s been a weird start of 2008 as far as the weather is concerned. Missouri only has 50 tornadoes per year on average, and as of today Missouri has seen a total of 108 tornadoes this year! Yikes.

My week was pretty serene. I went to Dallas Wednesday (which took forever due to the airplane dodging all the thunderstorms that were lined up from Texas to Missouri. They even had DFW shut down, so there towards the end, we had to dodge some other airplanes that were circling while we tried to make it into love field.

By the way- the picture to the left is real. This picture was caught in June of 2004 somewhere in Kansas. You can read about it on APOD’s web site here.

But today was Mothers day, and that’s the important thing here! I’m glad I can look beyond the beatings of the wooden spoon and being grounded for taking that extra soda pop! Life was good growing up, and it’s in large part to mom. I still remember like it was yesterday those days mom picking me up from pre-school. We usually would walk, and I can remember the thrill of seeing mom’s head come up from around the hill on the side of the street. I remember all the times she would show up to my school functions (and usually bring Grandma with her)! She kept us busy in the summer and always had something fun to do for us. I know I taxed her big time through life though, but it wasn’t anything a wooden spoon couldn’t take care of! To this day, my bro and I still can’t count how many wooden spoons that were (rightfully) broken over our b-hinds!

We did a lot of mothers day stuff today. We started out by celebrating Dana’s motherly being, and then followed up by seeing Dana’s mom. We then went over to moms for a bit and also gave mom and dad their anniversary card. It will be their 35th this coming Tuesday! We even made it back out to see them this evening and shared a few laughs with them. Grandma and Grandpa were there as well! It was a swell day!

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