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Childrens Trust Fund

The Cass County CAN web-site was recently made mention of from the Childrens Trust Fund website. We also have received some exposure from the local media within Cass County.

On the 14th of October, we held a group meeting with all the committee members. It was the first time we were able to convene together in one group. Robin Neill with the city of Independence was there to explain what they are doing for CAN. Very interesting, and we gathered a few ideas for our own initiative. I also gave a presentation on the website.

In November, we will finally start defining the Cass County initiative which will point us in a few directions. Hopefully we will have a lot more to talk about soon!

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CASS COUNTY CAN … an initiative against Child Abuse and Neglect

I attended the first group meeting this past Tuesday in response to my volunteer availability. I’m awful excited about this opportunity as it will let me use my skills towards a great initiative; something for which I’m very inexperienced in. I look forward to the challenge.

So far I donated my time in coming up with a web-site for the group. Cass County CAN is not necessarily the name of the final initiative. It’s just something I came up with when searching for a domain name for the web-site. The members of the Planning Committee are unaware at the moment of these efforts, but the Committee head will announce the web-site sometime next week once all the meeting minutes have been consolidated and published.

Anyone interested in volunteering or those that have questions about the initiative are invited to contact me.

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Fathers Day

Fathers day has past, but the memories will be good! We had the boys this weekend and took the boat for its maiden voyage on Saturday. I got a great sunburn! The boys both loved it. We went over to Moms on Sunday evening, and everyone was there except for L. I believe she was working.

I always feel like I have so much to live up to. My father definitely continues to show his compassion and is definitely someone I strive to live up to. He’s a dedicate individual that puts his dedication in anything he sets out to do. Raising a family was and is still to this day a priority he keeps close. I’m sure he has his moments and feels that some times he didn’t do good enough. I suppose we all fee that way sometimes, where that seems to be the norm, not the exception for me. I take it as it comes, and thank God for my family and for all that we don’t have to strive for. There are many less fortunate ones out there, and my prayers are with them often. Often I pray thanks for all that I don’t have.

If it’s one thing I’ve tried hard to do in the past 6 years, is to put others before me. To force myself toward my declared dedication, I recently volunteered my time to the CA/N initiative. The Child Abuse and Neglect prevention program in Cass county is spearheaded by a nurse with the County Health department and the local Cass County prosecutor. I’ll be on the planning committee whose purpose will be to design a response to the issue of CA/N. I look forward to providing my time, and hope that the initiative will be a positive influence for others that are less fortunate, as well as a positive influence on me and my family. This is a brand new initiative for the county, and so far it seems the response to this initiative is very positive. The first planning committee is the second week of July. It’s a chance for everyone to meet, and to find more information on how child abuse and neglect is effecting our community.

Now for the best part… tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I’ll have the boys again, and I hope the weather is good. Fishing seems like it would be a fun thing to do this weekend.

Till next time!

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