Tales of the Inanimates, Part II

I listened to a really interesting podcast last night that brought back memories of a previous post I did a few years back, “Tales of the Inanimates“.  In short it proposes the same idea I was trying to convey in my blog, but does it with much more clarity.  I’m the type of person that loves to hear a personal story.  I like to believe that everything man-made has a story, a history, a thing about it that no one else can experience in quite the same way as another.

Think about it………….

…. think of how many inanimates you touch each day that have some story behind them.  Maybe it’s the doorknob in the old courthouse hall, or the hardwood desk you are sitting at now, or possibly the sidewalk in the old part of town.  Each of of these items was touched by a person.  A man or woman, that is still living or not.  A person who had thoughts and feelings and was experiencing ‘life’ while making or doing whatever.

The fact of the matter is……

Every single thing, every joint, weld, every curve, fabric, or item in life has a story to tell.  As people of histories past were fabricating the wrought iron fence, as they were doing so, they left behind the story of their time.  That story is embedded forever more in the inanimates that they create and forge.  Any so many people after them have placed their hands on that fence. that doorknob, have walked the trail laid long ago…. without a single thought as to who it was behind that item.  Almost as if taking it for granted.

It’s almost as if I’m trying to make the reader feel guilty here, though definitely not my point.  If anything, just try to think about an item you touched today and wonder who it was and what their life story might be.  There is a person behind every single man-made thing, and it’s interesting to me that they all have their own story and idea of life and being.

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